Duels Arena Gameplay


Before engaging in combat, players agree on specific rules which can include equipment restrictions, spell usage, potion consumption, and whether prayer is allowed. This customization allows for a variety of duel formats, from melee-only clashes to contests focusing solely on magic.



The arena offers the thrilling possibility of staking NFTs or native tokens on the outcome of a duel. This feature adds a competitive edge, with winners claiming the stakes. Stake limits are in place to ensure fair play across different player statuses.


Strategically employ attacks


Tactical prowess


Combat Mechanics

Combat within the arena adheres to the game's standard mechanics, allowing players to strategically employ attacks, abilities, and any permitted items or spells. Victory hinges on a combination of player skill, equipment quality, and tactical prowess.



Designed for universal accessibility, Duels Arena offers a platform where all players can engage in PvP combat and explore key activities, regardless of their status, through Free-to-play options. Additionally, paid features offer enhanced gameplay opportunities, such as accelerated skill development among others, for a more enriched experience.

Fight scene
Fight scene

Player Engagement

Beyond the thrill of combat, the arena acts as a social gathering point where players can observe duels, interact, and partake in friendly, non-staked matches, fostering a vibrant community of PvP enthusiasts.

Fight scene

Risks and Rewards

The arena presents a high-risk, high-reward environment where players can significantly increase their in-game wealth and reputation through successful duels. However, the potential for loss adds an exhilarating level of risk to each encounter.

Fight scene

NFT integration

In-game items, including gear, armor, provisions, and others, are represented as NFTs, ensuring full tradability in the game's marketplace and granting players total ownership over their virtual assets, providing various ways of earning $GP within the game.


Players can adopt a strategic yet hands-off role in Duels Arena by owning and overseeing Training Grounds (an NFT asset), a pivotal hub for both combat and non-combat skill development. They earn $GP by collecting fees from participants seeking to fast-track their training progress.

Fight scene