About us

Duels Arena is created by W3Forge Studio. The W3Forge team is renowned for its extensive hands-on experience in GameFi, its vast network, and its innovative know-how. W3Forge is led by the founders of zkRace

Proven track record: zkRace

zkRace (165x) was one of the TOP 20 best-performing IDOs of 2021 worldwide, the Top 10 performers on DAO Maker of all time.

Advisory: Michael Owen, Alex Becker, KmanuS88. Ambassador: AB de Villiers.


$ZERC 165x ATH


20+ tools created on zkRace

Thriving gaming community: zkRace

zkRace showcases unparalleled expertise in fostering an active gaming ecosystem, with a growing player base, robust builder community and 900k+ races run successfully.


20+ tools created on zkRace


165x ATH
Slash$ZKRACE ath IN 2021

top 20 IDO
SlashOf 2021 by CMC

nr.1 category
Slash#1 project in the category

300+ partners
SlashNetwork of major projects

500+ KOLS
SlashStrong connections with KOLS

active players
SlashMaintained for 3 years

What makes us different?

Fully multi-chain

Leveraging W3Forge's multi-chain protocol ensures vast exposure across blockchain networks, positioning us for broader reach and allowing us to dominate most, if not all, existing relevant chains.


We are committed to crafting a sustainable player-centric ecosystem with enjoyable gameplay mechanics, emphasizing long-term player engagement.

Player-centered development

Our players are at the heart of our game. We value their feedback, support, and initiatives, ensuring an engaging experience that meets their expectations.